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Go Electric provides the first integrated solution for uninterruptible power, energy storage, energy efficiency, and automated energy asset synchronization and optimization.

We've uniquely combined battery energy storage with our patented microgrid controller and automated demand response software.

Our energy solutions:

LYNC SECURE is Uninterruptible Power + Energy Efficiency for Facilities & Bases.

LYNC DR is Uninterruptible Power + Energy Efficiency + Demand Response for facilities, bases and utilities. 

AUTOLYNC is our patented microgrid controls technology.

Go Electric Inc. develops customer side of the meter energy solutions that help facilities, communities and military bases be energy resilient and sustainable.

Our energy solutions assure energy security, reduce energy costs,  and enhance grid stability by integrating renewable energy, advanced batteries and generators into a plug and play energy resiliency system.

Go Electric helps build sustainable communities by hiring local and by seeking customer sites whose products, goods and services help ensure the resiliency and sustainability of the community.



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Go Electric Inc. Facebook

Recent News

July 25, 2017 Go Electric is Awarded a $1.7M Contract with Tooele Army Depot. Click here for press release.

June 21, 2017 Go Electric featured in Pacific Business News. 

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June 12, 2017 Go Electric Thank you byline to the State of Indiana featured in Inside Indiana Business. 
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Go Electric Inc. Twitter

July 2017 Here we grow! Go Electric is moved to our new facility - Purdue Polytechnic Anderson (P3). 

Improved capacity = better Go Electric!