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Better Demand Response with Distributed Energy Resources
  • UPS energy security plus energy efficiency in one system.

  • Seamless power transfer during grid loss keeps vital electronics safe and operating without a blip.

  • Energy efficiency from peak shaving, power factor correction and load shifting.

  • Integrates facilities' generators & renewables for maximum energy security & lowest cost energy consumption.

  • Free equipment & a generator for facilities in utility areas with incentivized demand response programs.  Learn more here.

  • Stationary micro grid controls and turn key solutions from 10kW to 10MW

  • Mobile, hybrid power systems from 10kW to 100kW for forward operating bases.

  • Auto-synchronizes and optimizes multiple generators of different frequencies & voltages for lower cost operation.

  • 70% reduction in fuel consumption measured in simulated FOB.

  • Seamlessly integrates renewable energy and batteries for silent running and improved energy efficiency.


Blinkless® Synchronous Inverter System


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LYNC DR® is a battery energy storage UPS that provides energy services to facilities and the grid. LYNC DR® seamlessly integrates any customer-side of the meter energy resources (typically generators and renewables) into a building nanogrid, and delivers uninterruptible power, peak shaving, power factor correction, load shifting, and DER optimization to the facility.  LYNC DR® keeps the facility energy secure during a grid outage and lowers energy costs 24/7. LYNC DR is also the hub for a base-wide or community micro grid.

LYNC DR® delivers utility demand response services including capacity, regulating reserve, Volt/VAR support, frequency response, accelerated energy delivery and black start. Multiple sites are aggregated through an Open ADR 2.0b certified portal

LYNC DR® is available for FREE to customers in utility areas with incentivized Demand Response programs. Find out if your facility qualifies for a free system.

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  • Customer side of the meter automated demand response.

  • Aggregates multiple customer sites to a cloud portal. Open ADR 2.0A & B certified.

  • Capacity, regulating reserve & fast frequency response with no interruption to customer facilities.

  • Free equipment to  utility customers in incentivized Demand Response programs. Learn more about our 'Give It Away For Free' business model.

  • Renewable energy and storage integration with more customer benefits than  battery energy storage.

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